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Elli is a risk intelligence solution that delivers population analytics and individual member profiles to enable proactive care management resulting in lower costs and better member health.

Elli is an essential part of any population health management program. Providing both prospective and retrospective analyses, Elli identifies risk as early as the point of enrollment and continuously monitors members on a monthly basis to pro-actively identify risks related to medical conditions, social determinants and other factors.

Elli seamlessly integrates with existing population health tools and is easy to use. It’s timely, actionable insights on populations and individual members facilitate better care management programs. Features include:

Unparalleled Data Analytics

  • Unique risk scoring system identifies changes in member risk on a monthly basis – catching high-risk members earlier than other solutions
  • Advanced business intelligence capabilities that can aggregate data across payer populations
  • Longitudinal view across eligibility, claims and social determinants data
  • Ability to manage risks from the point of enrollment throughout the healthcare continuum

Integrates with Existing Systems and Processes

  • Feeds into existing population health management tools
  • Works seamlessly with HMS’ Total Population Management portfolio
  • Actionable output can be easily leveraged by care managers

Intuitive and Easy to Use

  • Dashboard makes it easy to identify risk areas
  • Drill-down analytics provide the right level of detail at your fingertips
  • Scoring system takes the guesswork out of prioritizing cases

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