Essette Population Management

Advanced analytics drives meaningful member engagement.


The healthcare industry has been littered with expensive, standalone software offerings. Despite promises of interoperability, they fail to integrate key health and wellness applications. The outcome of such empty assurances? A fractured and frustrating user experience and higher costs to both payers and patients. Until now.

HMS’s Essette Population Management provides healthcare organizations with a bright alternative. The flexible, open architecture of its integration engine, combined with robust reporting features, offers customers a 360-degree view of member authorizations, claim, eligibility, pharmacy, lab and other relevant data. This actionable information allows customers to make timely and intelligent decisions.

Versatile design automates processes and provides data-driven insights, making it a powerful toolkit for customers seeking to bend the healthcare “cost-curve.” How? Organizations utilizing our comprehensive campaign designer can promote initiatives designed to identify and stratify high-risk members, based on a risk score provided by integration with Milliman MARA.

Essette Population Management also helps care management teams engage members in patient education campaigns, primary prevention, secondary screenings, and other health and wellness programs which ultimately lead to improvements in overall population health.

Campaign designers can use our automated correspondence generation and tracking engine, queue and task routing for interdepartmental communication, and robust report designer – all configurable by end users and/or administrators.

Our user-friendly, web-based software — built upon a refreshingly efficient platform — is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for organizations requiring clear, actionable intelligence. Essette Population Management’s automated features, such as bulk referral into Essette Care Management, not only increase proficiency; they also provide an excellent opportunity to build on that effectiveness without hiring more staff.

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