Estate Recovery Services

More Important Than Ever

Estate Recovery Services can be a delicate topic for many. At HMS, we recognize these sensitivities, while working with many states across the nation to help recover Medicaid expenditures.

Since Medicaid began in 1965, all states have had the option to recover long-term care costs upon the death of the beneficiary. Since 1993 federal law requires states pursue recoveries for Medicaid payments for long term care for members over 55 who have died (with some exceptions), and gives states the option to recover other paid costs.

While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) did not change estate recovery laws, three elements of the act expanded the Medicaid population:

  1. Mandatory coverage for most Americans
  2. Expanded Medicaid eligibility
  3. Elimination of the assets test from eligibility requirements

As a result, cost-effective and efficient recovery is more important than ever.

Historically, many states have felt that it was not worth the effort and cost to pursue these recoveries. However, by using Estate Recovery Services, the return on investment can be substantial.

The key? Solaris, our purpose-built case management and subrogation recovery solution. We created Solaris because estate recovery and other healthcare subrogation efforts can be complicated and resource-intensive without the right system.

Solaris provides:

  • Encrypted and reliable web-based access, 24/7
  • Updates in real-time
  • Paperless document imaging
  • Prompt-driven workflow
  • IT support from expert HMS team

Each year, Solaris processes hundreds of thousands of subrogation cases, saving our clients more than $120 million.

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