Link Visualization

See the relationships driving healthcare fraud.

HMS’s Link Visualization helps you quickly understand relationships within fraud. A key module in our Fraud Solutions product, the tool offers instant insight into relationships between providers and members, revealing how and where they are connected without requiring a single pivot table.

A single glance at Link Visualization’s compelling interface gives you the information you need. You can easily find data commonalities, suspect patterns, and aberrations in behavior.

The module offers:

  • Efficient unusual pattern detection using graph analysis technology, including filtering capability
  • Geospatial analysis to uncover geographically suspect patterns
  • Temporal analysis to visualize how relationships change over time

Link Visualization delivers information graphically. Nodes represent providers, members, and other key data points. Lines show connections such as a shared patients across multiple providers, claim volume, shared address, or any other common data element made available to HMS. Locations are superimposed on maps, and street views of each connection’s location are available with a single click simplifying geographic-based analysis.

Leveraging HMS’s other fraud tools, Link Visualization can display connectivity among potential targets. As seen in the graphic below, by leveraging Link Visualization, the system shows how targets connect across shared data elements, even external data elements, making it possible to find patterns that would otherwise remain unseen and move ahead of healthcare fraud.

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