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Coordination of Benefits

Coordination of Benefits (COB), also known as Third Party Liability (TPL), is a cornerstone of Payment Accuracy and a high-powered cost control system that keeps your healthcare program strong.

We were first to develop a comprehensive COB solution in 1985, when we saw that Medicaid was paying billions of dollars that it shouldn’t. And today, our COB solutions for Medicaid, Medicare, Military and State Agency programs are the best, most innovative available.

You can receive verified other coverage information as early as the point of enrollment, so you don’t pay claims that you shouldn’t. If recovery is necessary, we ensure the highest possible recoupment. Timely and accurate information about members’ other coverage lets you coordinate care, boost savings, ensure accurate reimbursements and reduce administrative rework. Our solutions are used by over 250 health plans and more than 40 state agencies.

The best COB requires data. Lots of it. We have over seven petabytes. Our National Eligibility Database covers nearly 300 million lives and contains over 1.8 billion segments. But data is not the whole story. Our innovative algorithms, which leverage machine learning and decades of experience, result in a match accuracy of 99.9%.

We save our clients over $5.5 billion yearly with an annual ROI of over 12:1.

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Coordination of Benefits
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