Health Engagement Management

Personalized Conversations Make a Huge Impact

Your top priorities have never been clearer: improved quality, better cost management, incremental revenue generation and a better consumer experience. What’s less clear is how to achieve them.

For top healthcare organizations in the United States, it starts with a conversation. A conversation HMS’ Eliza helped them start.

We’ve proven that when you engage healthcare consumers in personalized conversations, you motivate them to take action. To better monitor their chronic conditions. To schedule well-child visits. To get regular mammograms. To follow post-discharge instructions. To refill their prescribed medication. And so much more.

When your healthcare consumers take those actions, everything improves. Their health. Your quality ratings. Their satisfaction. Your profitability. That’s the power of Health Engagement Management.

Quality & Cost Management

Closing gaps in care

2%-5% year-over-year
increase in quality measures

Revenue Management

Moving healthcare
consumers to take action

$4.5 million savings
from 5.1% increased
Medicare retention rate

Consumer Experience

Making every
connection personal

97% reduction
in member complaints
and increase in home
monitoring compliance

Interventions That
Drive Action
You need a member engagement engine that just doesn’t talk at consumers—it moves them to take meaningful action. How do we do it?

Eliza overcomes barriers to engagement.

Getting individual consumers to engage and change their behavior requires empathy and understanding of the barriers they face. Our solution identifies these barriers and develops highly tailored outreach strategies to overcome them.

Only Eliza is able to create personalized two-way conversations at enterprise scale.

By moving beyond simple one-way, one-channel communications, we’re able to architect real conversations with consumers to develop relationships. We build member profiles, analyze what works best to fuel future engagements and deliver thoughtful experience enhancers. And we scale easily to any population size.

Eliza is the only single-vendor member engagement engine.

A unified conversation with consumers requires the right technology, the right data and analytics capabilities, the right program design and the ability to collect and utilize data as you go to augment and improve. Our solution is built to work together. That makes it easy to implement and adaptable to change—so it delivers better healthcare outcomes faster.

Consumer Centered
Intelligent Intervention
We define programs
that align with your
business goals
Data Integration

Managing medical/Rx and
consumer data and infusing with
our proprietary database

Engagement Design

Highly tailored and targeted
outreach strategy


Predictive models and
propensity analysis

Outreach Delivery

Personalized conversations
driving engagement


Continuously measure success
to enhance future outreach

Member Engagement Engine

Consumer Centered

Founded on the insights gained from conducting over 2 billion individual consumer interactions, HMS has the most sophisticated ability in the industry to source, integrate and analyze consumer information to tailor personalized conversations.


We’ve enabled rich, two-way engagements with over 100 million individuals through any combination of email, text, digital (web and mobile), live agent, mail or phone.

Intelligent Interventions

We help drive the modern healthcare consumer to take action on healthcare activities. By identifying unique individual motivations and barriers to bridge the healthcare requirements, interventions are made relevant in the minds of the consumer. More than 17 billion data points have been collected to date, which grows 10% each month to fuel future insights.


Every interaction is built on an integrated, single-vendor technology platform to reduce the operating complexity present in every healthcare organization. This allows programs to be implemented effectively, and the individuals’ experience is coherent and effective.

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