Healthcare Fraud in 2019

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As those in the FWA area of healthcare know, fraud presents a constant challenge to the healthcare industry. The unique issue of healthcare fraud is much like an arms race: as ways to commit fraud continue to evolve, so must the skills of those on the front lines of fraud awareness and prevention. Every year, the fraud space transforms, making it even more imperative that those in the anti-fraud space possess the most up to date information.

Our complimentary and educational webinar for Investigators, Analysts, SIU Directors, or other anti-fraud professionals takes an in depth look at 2019’s hottest and most important healthcare fraud trends. As an additional resource, click here to view a representative list of identified codes where fraud, waste and abuse might be more readily visible.

Webinar Details

Director of Program Integrity Solutions, Julia Twaddle, and Health Research Analyst, Kevin Stuppy, take a thought provoking look at the 2019 fraud landscape in this educational one-hour webinar addressing many topics including:

  • Laboratory billing FWA
  • Behavioral health FWA
  • Pharmacy FWA
  • The current state of fraud
  • 2019 fraud prevention best practices
  • Data analytics concepts geared to assist healthcare fraud professionals



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