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HMS® delivers the broadest range of solutions in the industry to improve financial and health outcomes for at-risk organizations.

  • HMS® helps commercial, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid Managed Care health plans contain costs, minimize risks, and improve quality — from pre-service through post-pay.

    Health Plan

  • With healthcare costs soaring, Integrated Delivery Networks, Management Services Organizations, Independent Practice Associations, and Accountable Care Organizations need population health technology solutions. Enter HMS.

    At-risk Provider

  • Every year HMS® saves state government agencies billions of dollars by identifying and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse; and increasing system efficiency through healthcare cost containment solutions.


  • HMS® saves federal government agencies a bundle through healthcare cost containment solutions aimed at recovering funds and avoiding costs, as well as rooting out fraud, waste, and abuse.



    GSA Schedule Contract GS-00F-277CA


  • HMS® offers the best-in-market healthcare cost containment solutions to help employers comply with government and plan policies, enhance efficiency, and maintain value.


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“Doing more with less means that we need to continue to develop software and technology that enables medical case managers to spend more time with their patients and members, rather than documenting in, and satisfying, the IT systems.”
— Andy Gaudette, Senior Vice President for HMS