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HMS listed #28 in 18' HC Informatics 100

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Get to Know Health Plan Members

Cynthia Nustad, Chief Strategy Officer

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CHIP fosters Congress' bipartisan moment

Lawmakers on both sides embrace the program

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Using data to combat the opioid epidemic

How technology helps patients and payers

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At-risk Provider



Health Plan


Coordination of Benefits: Client Success Story


We increased the customer’s recoveries from $7.3 million to more than $30 million within two years.


Our well-established relationships with more than 1,000 insurers.


HMS found more than $25.5 million in actionable FWA cases in multiple states in one year.


More than $3.9 million from HMS identifications, and saved more than $800,000 by using HMS’s Improper Payment Prevention system.


Get to Know Health Plan Members

HMS delivers the broadest range of solutions in the industry to improve financial and health outcomes for at-risk organizations.

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